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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome 

Laurel Street Elementary School is a wonderfully unique elementary school within the Compton Unified School District in Compton California. We pride ourselves in providing a well-rounded education for students in grades kindergarten through eighth with a focus on post high school education. At Laurel Elementary, all students are prepared to achieve at high levels and to handle the rigors of college and careers.

In order to ensure academic success for all students, we have embraced the Common Core state Standards and work to ensure that we provide 21st Century learning experiences for all students. To that end, we work hard to ensure rigorous but engaging instruction. We are working to achieve one-to-one computer ratio in our classrooms. Our goal this year is to have one-to-one computer ratio in grades 5 through 7. Our school vision is reflective of what we want our students to look like when exiting the school. Our mission is to ensure excellence for ALL. Our academic program includes English/language arts, English language development, math, science, social studies, visual and performing arts, and physical education. Ultimately, we are preparing students to compete in a global market, communicating with people in other countries and understanding the systems of those countries.

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Dr. Francisca Owoaje