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Mission Statement

School Mission Statement 

To maintain high expectations, build effective relationships and promote academic excellence for ALL students. 


School Vision Statement 


Laurel Elementary School is a diverse community of learners who work collaboratively as critical thinkers. Students are supported with best instructional practices that provide meaningful learning experiences and are held by high professional standards. Together with parent and community partnerships, we ensure a nurturing learning environment that fosters student success. As we prepare students for their future, we know that critical thinking skills will be crucial to their success. Theirs is a digital world; their future will be more strongly affected by technology.


This presupposes that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the curriculum. Successful integration of technology into the curriculum depends on student access to technology, ongoing faculty-staff training, and a strong infrastructure. We believe that consistent and constant access by each learner strengthens their evolution as a critical thinker, thereby ensuring their success in the future.